ProjectMan is a CLI which lets you add projects to favorites using command pm add and open them from anywhere you want using command pm open.
Along with this there are also other commands like pm seteditor, pm remove, cd $(pm getpath) which we'll see below.

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Download and Install

Using NPM

If you have NodeJS and NPM (usually comes with nodejs) installed in your system (You can check installation using 'node -v' and 'npm -v' commands.)
Type following command in your terminal:

npm install -g projectman

You can download the binaries and follow Instructions:


Download for Windows (13.4mb)

Extract the .exe file and move it to any folder you want. Then go to start and search for environment variables and add the path of the containing folder in PATH. E.g. If my projectman.exe exists in C://Program Files/ProjectMan/projectman.exe then add C://Program Files/ProjectMan to the PATH.

Read How to add to PATH in windows for step by step guide to add to environment variable

Linux and Mac

Download for Linux (43mb) Download for Mac (43mb)

Extract the binaries and move them to /bin or store the pm file in any folder and run PATH=$PATH:[your folder path]


Open Project

pm open [projectName]

[projectName] is optional parameter.
Alias: pm o, pm

Add Project

cd /till/the/project/path/
pm add

Set Editor

pm seteditor
Available Flags :
--for-project Sets editor for a specific project. pm seteditor --for-project

Edit Settings

pm edit

Other Commands

Read full Documentation to see the list of all available commands like pm rmeditor, pm remove, pm getpath


Checkout CHANGELOG.md for Release History


Interested in working on this project? Fork and Checkout CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions to contribute

Thank you for checking out ProjectMan! A for the repository would be highly appreciated 🚀!